Free Webinar Training Reveals...
Morning Habit Challenge:
Limits your Subconscious Distractions to Unlock your unlimited source of Energy. Unlock your Confidence and productivity in just 60Minutes/day. And discover the instructional sense of Discipline.
Experience the amazing power of waking up early through Magical  Power Habits
Weeklong Magical morning@5:30AM
Join 6 Days Step by Step Training to Discover how to:
  • Unlock your Unlimited Source of energy.
  • Acquire alite level Mastery over your FOCUS.
  • Discover a little-known  mental technique that can accelerate your results tremendously
  • Resourceful states to create Health, Wealth, happiness
  • Achieve breakthrough in personal and professional life
  • And much MUCH more...
60 Minutes/day Short Live Online Program by Deependra
Reserve your spot @just INR 299/-
Monday to Saturday @ 5:00 AM
What you will learn in practical Masterclass:
  • Why change your morning Habit
  • Why you do Digital Detox
  • #1 thing you must do to start living every day with confidence, Passion & Energy
  • How to Eliminate and Change your Negative beliefs
  • Power of For 90 minutes 
  • Formula to balance your Life
  • Strategy of Money management 
  • How to Eliminate and Change your Negative beliefs
  • Power of For 90 minutes 
  • Formula to balance your Life
  • Strategy of Money management 
  • Activate your resourceful state to create wealth and happiness Connect with yourself
  • Know Success failure Blueprint
  • Know why some people Struggle to achieve their Goal 
  • Handle 3 Subconscious Identity for your transformation 
  • Solve Life’s 3 Big Issues
  • Dealing With your Excuses
  • Create a Blueprint in your timeline
Lestion From Our Mentee
Frequently Asked Questions
Q  What time will the workshop start?
》5:30 am from Monday to Saturday.
Q  What time do I need to wake up?
》Anytime before 5:30 am with your fresh face. I will wake up at 5 am. So, we all can start together.
Q What are the requirements to join this workshop?
》Water Splashed Face in front of your computer or phone and Zoom ID.
Q  What if I don't get good sleep and suffer from Insomnia?
》The Welcome Call is on Sunday evening at 8:30 pm - My neuroscience-based step-by-step method of sleep regime will get your sleep issues - out of the window.
Q Why should I join your workshop?
》Picking up a healthy habit is not easy when doing alone, in this group session you will feel super-charged to practice and implement your self-discipline and productivity.
Q  What if my alarm goes off and I am not able to wake up

for attending the workshop?
》You will be directed an evening prior to the workshop on how to attend the workshop daily for 7 days without fail.
Q What will be the mode of the workshop?
》It will be a complete 60 mins of a live workshop with me on Zoom.
Q  When will I get the zoom link and how will I get the

recorded session of the workshop?
》You need to join the WhatsApp Group after making the payment by clicking on the link. The Zoom meeting link will be provided after the 8:30 pm “Prep Night” Call on Sunday itself. Recorded sessions will be shared after the live workshop.
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