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Date: 20th Jan , 2021 Wednesday 

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"The 5-Step Formula to Use NLP Skill To Transform Your 2021"

Learn the NLP's most authentic Mind Technique 

Date: 20th Jan - Wednesday  

In this exclusive Free Masterclass, you'll learn the  Magic of Subconscious Mind 

A Must attend Masterclass for Businessman, Aspiring Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Leaders and Decision Makers, Managers, Executives and professionals, Consultant, Healers and Individual who is looking for Growth

What We'll Cover on this Masterclass

Secret #1

Understand and use of your Subconscious Mind Perfectly

(Learn how Subconscious mind create your reality  and understand The techniques)  

Secret #2

Secrets of your Wealth and Success

(You will learn how you can multiply that and transform the lives of many people)

Secret #3

Create a Great 2021 No matter What 

(A strategy that merge both business and Life Goal into a clear and purposeful plan )

Secret #4

Secrets of Stress Free Mind and disease free BODY

(Learn the NLP technique for stress Free mind and how your Stress free mind automatically having the Disease free Body )

Learn and Experience The Most Sought for Subconscious Mind Technique: NLP 

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Subconscious Mind ) is the most amazing human mind technology to get fast and long lasting results in human Transformation

Today in the world people from all Domains like professionals, Sportsperson, Healers, Therapist, Doctors, Psychologist, Counselors, Business Executive,and Individuals are using NLP to Create the desire results in their lives.

If you are looking for becoming more confident, rich, healthy and Happy: NLP Master Class is the right Choice for you 


Master NLP Coach , Life Coach And Breakthrough Strategist, Firewalk Expert 

Deependra has a gold mine of uncommon knowledge and wisdom through which he is able to contribute instant, life-changing and breakthrough results in many people’s lives, in areas such as career, money, relationship, mental health, etc. The main core of his life-transforming training programs is to “uncover uncommon in human potential”, by which he has created many success stories.

His extraordinary paradigm for this world and attitude of Contribution to the growth of society and people makes him and his Training Revolutionary. Students, Couples and Senior Citizens of various professions have experienced drastically Change in their Mentality and so eventually in their Daily Life after attending his customized Training Programs containing Core NLP

His programs are not only confined In Lucknow, but Deependra impact also conducts its program in various leading cities of India such as Delhi, Surat,

Redesign your Subconscious Mind with help of NLP

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What benefits you will get

How our Subconscious mind creates our reality 

2021 Goal Achievement Techniques 

How do we perceive and create Beliefs 

How to get rid of Painful memories, Fear and Phobias

How to Eliminate and Change Limiting Beliefs 

How to Erase Subconscious patterns of Stress, Anxiety, Anger and Depression 

How to Activate Subconscious mind to achieve your Goal

How to activate subconscious mind power For Money and Success

How to enjoy patterns of Confidence, Motivation and Happiness 

How to create Blueprint of Health and Happiness 

How to communicate effectively and build strong relationship 

And many beyond your expectation...

Redesign Your Subconscious Mind with NLP

What We'll Cover on this Masterclass

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this webinar for?

This is only for the people who are in 9to5 Jobs and looking to find a way to quit the job and build the parallel income stream or build a business around passion. Do not join if you are looking for a Get Rich Quick scheme. Transformation takes efforts and consistent hard work. 

How is this webinar different  
Before starting my journey as a mentor, I attended so many webinars and workshops. Almost all of them were focused on Tactics and Shiny Object Syndrome. I promised myself that when I start doing my webinars I will only provide real value of strategies and principles that can really change someone's life and no tactics.  
Will there be an up-sell at the end of webinar?
Yes, I will share the option to continue to learn from me and join my 7 Days NLP Practitioner Program that has changed my mentee's lives.  I feel it is my duty to give the mentorship option to the people who really need help in executing the teaching to fast results. Batch 3 is almost getting over with great results. 
You could be part of batch 4 provided you get shortlisted for NLP Practitioner Program.

Date :  Wednesday , 20th Jan , 2021

Redesign Your Subconscious Mind with the NLP

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