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If You are a Life coach, Speaker, author, trainer, consultant, therapist.


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the most amazing human mind technology to get fast and long lasting results in human transformation.

Today in the whole world, people from all domains like professionals, sportspersons, healers, therapists, doctors, psychologists, counselors, business executives and individuals are using NLP to create the desired results in their lives.

If you are looking to become more confident, rich, healthy and happy; NLP SubConscious ReImprinting free masterclass is the right choice

About a NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) is the most powerful, scientific & Result oriented human mind technology for Excellence, Wellness, Happiness & Holistic Development.NLP programming is a behavioural technology model in which we study communication, psychotherapy and personal development. 

NLP stands for “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” An often-used explanation is “The study of the structure of subjective experience” 

Today in the whole world, people from all domains like Professionals, Sportsperson, Healers, Therapists, Counselors, Business Executives & Individuals are using NLP to create desired results and achieve peak performance. This program will enable you to completely understand applied NLP and become a certified NLP Life Coach. There are so many people around us suffering from many issues like Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Allergy, Fears and Phobias. This program will enable you to heal them quickly by working on their neurology. This program will equip you with tools of transformation and achieve breakthrough in Business, Health, Self-Mastery, and Relationship

This Workshop is for if You Want to:


He is a Life Coach and Breakthrough Strategist and High-performance Habit coach of India; he is an NLP expert. He has inspired and touched the lives of more than  10 Lakhs people through his various programs in the last 5 years.

He has Conducted the biggest Educational Event USW  of Uttar Pradesh in Varanasi.

He is a master-level NLP Expert. He has been featured in various news Channels like V4 News Channel, Global TV, Hindustan, Dainik Baskar, Dainik Jagran.

He has handled educational institutions – schools, colleges and universities [both teachers and students], corporate bodies [from gross level to senior management level] and other organizations.

All his seminars, workshops, and programs are totally based on NLP techniques, the methodology which is the core of achieving excellence in personal life and work. He is proficient in English and Hindi.



What My Clients Say

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Rachel Coffman
Financial Manager
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Jeffrey Sieben
Business Manager
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Robert Welch
Business Analyst

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